Learn jQuery For Total N😎🤓Bs

50% JS · 25% jQuery · 25% Cool Demos
3 Courses · 50 Lessons · 4.5 Hours
100% Free

Learn JS (Intro)

😠🤬😡😤 $#[email protected]!% WTF?! jQuery!!!!!!1111"

Seriously, it's 2018.
- Probably You

Only kind of... This course is Really

  • 50%JavaScript
  • 25%jQuery
  • 25%Demos & Practice

👶 👶 👶 👶 👶 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍
Specifically designed for the absolute beginner.

So if you are or know a developer... Dude / Dudette Who

🤓 Is brand new to code
and only knows HTML and CSS.
👴 Is a total noob
that just needs a friendly shove to learn JS more.
Is a jQuery dabbler
but really have no idea what they have been doing.
🎨 Is a designer or slicer
who's been trying to learn more.
Is a WP or other CMS dev
who's just never had much JS opportunity.
Is an absolute beginner
we all start somewhere.

This Course Will Make You

Actually understand JavaScript, not just jQuery.

Take your 1st Steps to become a developer pro.

Introduce you to JavaScript
for the first time.

Be able to make fancier websites by writing custom jQuery.

If you're a new coder, help getting a dev job cake (HTML, CSS, JS).

Set you up to take on the crazy JS framework world ahead.

3 Dead-Simple Volumes 100% FREE Easy as eating cake

Designed for the absolute beginner.

Volume III Demos & Practice

Learn to use your knowledge today with easy and more complex real-world examples.

The Easiest Way to Make Fancier Websites
Meta Info and Scroll Demo
Build an Easy / Cool Popup System (from scratch!)
Course Conclusion (your next steps)